Zincoatech Technology

Innovative Formula

Our chemical formulation is a unique composition based on minerals and water that does not use any chemical binders or other harmful substances. We are always striving to use sustainable and environmentally friendly chemicals, so all fabrics and surfaces finished with Zincoatech technology are completely safe.

Eco-friendly products

Human and the earth are very precious. Zincoatech’s mission is to help save human lives and improve their quality of life, and our conscience is our guide in this path.

In the textile industry, as one of the most polluting industries, we offer a scientific and commercial solution to fnish a variety of fabrics that eliminates the need for harmful adhesives and chemical binders. This technology is a safe, green and cost-effective. Textiles treated with Zincoatech technology, in addition to killing harmful microorganisms, are durable and highly efficient. All kinds of woven and non woven fabrics treated with this technology can be used for a long time and reused. Therefore, by improving the quality of various textiles, it minimizes environmental risks for humans and environment.

Antimicrobial properties

Zincoatech technology offers an innovative process to provide antimicrobial properties of textiles for a durable and effective protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi. The efficiency of textiles finished with this technology is more than 99%.